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Optocore at Viva ELVIS
AudioMedia, September 2010

Las Vegas spectacle rides on the largest single-ring fibre-optic network theatre installation, with 21 network devices handling 504audio inputs and 776 outputs.


Combining Voice-Lift and Performance Sound
Lighting & Sound America, April 2010

An ingenious configuration of Renkus-Heinz ICONYX digitally steerable array systems and a JBL line array provides complete performance sound coverage in Toronto's fabulous Koerner Hall.


TiMax2 Show Control System
Lighting & Sound America, September 2009

TiMax2 show control system localizes individual performers on stage in three-dimensional space using an ingenious combination of radar and Haas-effect programming of individual microphone channels.


Riedel Artist Digital Intercom
Lighting & Sound America, February 2009

The intercom system uses AES3 digital signal throughout the signal chain, with a remarkable payoff in price and performance, and reduced cabling and maintenance costs.


Optocore at General Motors Place
Lighting & Sound America, January 2009

A major audio upgrade at the Vancouver Canucks' home arena rides on an Optocore fiber-optic digital network.


RHAON: Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network
Lighting & Sound America, August 2008

RHAON's software controllable DSP, plus PC-based software with a proprietary GUI, puts the loudspeaker onto the digital audio network for the first time.


Stage Research SFX6 Performance Sound Control
Lighting & Sound America, April 2008

SFX6 supports simultaneous playback of wav files with different sample rates and word lengths, as well as compressed mp3 and wma files with different bit rates—unlike most DAWs.


Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 Compact Portable PA
Lighting & Sound America, March 2008

Yamaha's got the guts to put a piece of gear out on the market that’s designed primarily for ease of use, without marginalizing the average person by resembling the flight deck of a Boeing 747.


A New Paradigm in Live Sound: Tapping into effects & processing plug-ins
Lighting & Sound America, July 2007

Plug-ins extend a console’s functionality at a fraction of the price of equivalent hardware processors, and occupy no space.


Choosing Microphones Part 2
Professional Sound, Fall 1993

Recommendations for choosing and using microphones for choirs—including pre-recorded choirs that lip-sync during services.

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