Performances We Have Reviewed

Dala: Singer-Songwriting Duo
Canadian Musician, July-August 2007

The songs on Dala's new album demonstrate a rare gift for melody and a confidence with vocal harmony that matches their considerable talents as performing artists.


Live Sound Report: Tom Cochrane and Red Rider at Massey Hall
Professional Sound, June 2007

The highway brings Tom Cochrane back home for a superb concert to "the loudest Toronto audience I've ever heard," he told me.


Sound for a World Premiere Opera: Wakonda’s Dream
Lighting & Sound America, May 2007

“Our idea is that sound design can be completely integrated into the music with no clear division. What was previously thought of as sound effects becomes musical.”


Plugged In to The Tragically Hip
Professional Sound, April 2007

Live sound veteran Mark LeCorre mixes on Digidesign VENUE live digital consoles with software plug-ins replacing many racks of outboard gear.


Curtain Up on the Shaw Festival’s Sound System with a new production of Gypsy
Lighting & Sound America, June 2005

Microphones are used on performers for the first time ever, in the first major musical on the mainstage of the Festival Theatre.