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Mic Cable Wiring 101
Broadcaster, February 2011

Should the ground lug on an XLR-type connector be connected to pin-1 or not? AES Fellow and Life Member Neil Muncy brings a wealth of historical perspective to answer this thorny question.


Optocore at Viva ELVIS
Lighting & Sound America, October 2010

Viva Elvis uses the largest Optocore dual redundant single ring network ever installed: the 21 network devices handle 504 audio inputs and 776 outputs.


Evita Today, Peter Pan Tonight
Lighting & Sound America, September 2010

A look at how the world's largest repertory theatre company stage-manages the changeover from a matinee production to an evening performance of two large and dissimilar shows.


Vancouver 2010
Lighting & Sound International, April 2010

In-depth coverage of lighting, projection, sound and staging at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.


Presenting a Spectacle at the Winter Olympics
Lighting & Sound America, April 2010

Lighting, projection and 2,000,000 watts of audio amplification bathe the gargantuan stage in BC Place for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the XXI Winter Olympic Games.


The New Koerner Hall
Broadcaster, March 2010

A look at voice-lift and performance sound innovations designed for the fabulous new Koerner Hall at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music.


Visions of Canada
Lighting & Sound America, November 2009

Celebrate the Canadian Dream is a spectacular sound and light show projected onto Charlottetown's historic Province House, produced and staged by Toronto's AVH Live Communications.


Three-Dimensional Sound in the Theatre
Professional Sound, September 2009

3D sound in the theatre is at last possible with automatic sound localization and spatial imaging provided by TiMax audio show control.


Electronic Acoustic Enhancement Systems: Part Two
Lighting & Sound America, April 2009

No matter how poor the natural acoustics of some concert halls, the remediation of those acoustics using electronic means has been met with cries of foul from some quarters.


Electronic Acoustic Enhancement Systems: Part One
Lighting & Sound America, March 2009

Once seen as a controversial, last ditch contrivance of remedial acoustics, electronic acoustical enhancement is on the verge of becoming widely accepted in the design of new facilities.

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