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Nothing is more persuasive than the voice of the economically disinterested. For this reason, editorial buzz is far more effective than paid advertising in shaping customer perceptions. It is perceived as more objective. See the research below.

We create editorial support for members of the industry by researching and writing in-depth feature magazine articles, product reviews, performance reviews and the occasional book review. We also create news releases and make sure they get heard above the noise by securing high-visibility placements in publications read by our clients' clients.

As a result of our long involvement with evolving entertainment production technology, we are often preferred by public relations firms serving the industry in the United States, Canada and Europe to create technical articles and other material for their clients' marketing and advertising programs in major trade publications.

We help them communicate their message to their intended audiences by getting the word out to the right publications. Some of these are shown in the banner at the top of this page.

Editorial Buzz vs. Paid Advertising

Editorial is more effective than paid advertising in at least 5 ways:

  1. News impacts perceptions
  2. Editorial coverage generally correlates with public opinion
  3. The quantity & quality of your non-paid media, versus those of your competitors, correlate directly with sales, customer preference, and other key business metrics
  4. Story counts, audience impressions & media values correlate highly with customer preference
  5. Story slant and the prominence of the client in the story are both important in effecting desired outcomes.

    (From the VMS White Paper, "Measuring Effectively")