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Game Day

Bruce Rodgers' production design takes centre stage at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show, featuring Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Read our feature article in Lighting and Sound America. Read all news.

The Alberta Rose in Bloom

The Bella Concert Hall at The Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is the new home for music performance and education in Calgary. Read our feature article in Lighting and Sound America. Read all news.

A New Concert Sound System for Roy Thomson Hall

Music lover, sound engineer and consultant Martin Van Dijk prescribes a new concert sound system for Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall. Read our feature article in Lighting and Sound America. Read all news.

Dinosaurs at THEMUSEUM

A new dinosaur exhibit includes an immersive sonic environment that envelops visitors in the sounds of the late Cretaceous period and transports them back in time some 70 million years. Read our feature article in Professional Sound. Read all news.

Theatre News

We've got feature articles in Lighting & Sound America on creating the spectacular illusion of an empty stage at Shaw, designing the revolve for Carousel at Stratford, and on the world's smallest wireless mic transmitter, used on nude actors in The Wild Party in Toronto. Take a look behind the scenes! Read all news.

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Associated Buzz Creative is a media, publicity and entertainment creative house. Most recent articles are here. We specialize in music production and sound design for movies and TV shows, radio spots, exhibits, live theatre and special events, bringing the excitement and impact of feature films to the content we create for our partners and clients. Audiences have come to expect the magnificent sound of the movies in almost any presentation, and anything less can leave them uninspired or worse, turned off.

As a result of our long involvement with evolving entertainment production technology, we are often preferred by public relations firms serving the industry in the United States, Canada and Europe to write technical features for their clients' marketing and advertising programs in major trade publications.

"The amateur works until he can get it right. The professional works until he cannot go wrong." - Lilian Stiles-Allen


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